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You know the way you feel about work or school that last day before the holidays? This is that feeling in podcast form. (PS: The answer to Mark’s TG-16 R-Type credit Q is in the podcast image.)


Time — Topic Discussed

04:03 — Nicknames
10:28 — Some Christmas Stories
24:08 — Dodonpachi and Radiant Silvergun
32:59 — News: L is Real 2401, Last of Us Online Cancelled, and more!

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If you’re in the market for four people who live in Japan talking about The Game Awards, Resident Evil 4 Remake VR Mode, and Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, boy have we got a podcast for you.

Time — Topic Discussed

00:44 – Nicknames
07:10 – News: The Game Awards results and announcements, PokéPark, and more!
55:04 – Resident Evil 4 Remake VR Mode
1:01:35 – Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name
1:06:56 – Baldur’s Gate 3

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The gang Super Jumps down memory lane with Super Mario RPG, then dips into a Sotenbori cabaret for Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, and finally drunkenly meanders home via the shady alley that is news.

Time — Topic Discussed

05:00 — Nicknames
13:48 — Super Mario RPG Remake
26:59 — Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name
35:57 — News: The Last of Us 2 Remastered, Game Awards security, Dragon’s Dogma 2 release date and more!

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A dash of SMB Wonder, a flash of Alan Wake 2, a splash of PlayStation Portal, the smash (hit) Baldur's Gate 3, and a lack of cash in Gabe's long-lost wallet. Plus, TGA nominations & a warm welcome to Baby Sheffield!

Time — Topic Discussed

00:52 — Nicknames
24:26 — Super Mario Bros. Wonder
27:59 — Alan Wake 2
35:16 — PlayStation Portal impressions
40:22 — Baldur’s Gate 3
49:59 — News: The Game Awards nominees, Nintendo Indie World, and the Zelda movie! 

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Buncha jibba-jabba on SMB Wonder, Quest VR sleeper Dungeons of Eternity, and Alan Wake 2, plus Switch 2 (Too?) rumors and SHOCKING PERSONAL NEWS :red arrow emoji:


Time — Topic Discussed

  • 00:49 — Nicknames
  • 17:17 — Super Mario Bros. Wonder
  • 36:40 — Dungeons of Eternity
  • 45:42 — Alan Wake 2
  • 58:25 — News: Switch 2 rumors, Nintendo's new tournament terms, and more!
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The gang discuss the two latest and greatest AAA titles everyone is buzzing about — that’s right, definitive word on BOTH EDF 6 and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!! Also, believe it or not: news!

Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 01:08 — Nicknames
  • 16:50 — Earth Defense Force 6
  • 27:41 — Baldur’s Gate 3
  • 33:49 — Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
  • 43:03 — News: Microsoft buys Activision, the Analogue 3D, and more!
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The “gang” welcomes in the Fall season as our ancestors did: with talk of Final Fantasy XVI, Monster Hunter Now, Lies of P, Mortal Kombat 1, Baldur’s Gate 3, and a heapin’ helpin’ of news.

  • 00:45 – Nicknames
  • 12:02 – Monster Hunter Now
  • 24:57 – Gabe The Beater (Final Fantasy XVI, Lies of P, Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways, Mortal Kombat 1)
  • 37:46 – Baldur's Gate 3
  • 48:30 – News: Nintendo 3DS/Wii U online services, Jim Ryan retires, Kamiya leaves Platinum, and more!
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A cavalcade of special guests old and new drop by to talk about their experiences at (or around) this year’s Tokyo Game Show. With Brandon Sheffield, John Linneman, Imran Khan, Kevin Gifford (?!), and more!

Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 02:03 – TGS is back (w/Brandon Sheffield & Kevin Gifford)
  • 31:42 – Dragon's Dogma 2 & FF7 Rebirth (w/Imran Khan & John Davis)
  • 56:28 – Nivalis, Shadow of the Ninja (w/John Linneman & Diamond Feit)
  • 1:18:18 – Enotria: The Last Song, Black Finger JET, & Zelda (w/Jake Kazdal, David Hellman, Liam Edwards, and Colin Williamson)
  • 1:57:38 – Persona 3 Reload, Like a Dragon Gaiden, & BQM
  • 2:10:44 - Wrapping up
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Thought you could sneak another Nintendo Direct and State of Play past us, did you? Well, NOT THIS TIME! We zigged where the big corporations zagged and decided to record a mini-ep at the crack of 8am today, just for you. Tune in for quick and dirty impressions of everything we all JUST SAW and start building the hype for next week's Tokyo Game Show extravaganza!

Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 01:57 – Nicknames
  • 07:45 – Sony State of Play
  • 21:58 – Nintendo Direct
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The regular crew is back, and just in time to miss another Nintendo Direct! Mario Wonder will have to wait, but in the meantime, we've got The Making of Karateka, Shadowgate 64, updates on Vampire Survivors and FF16, and all the not-so-latest news as the countdown to Tokyo Game Show begins...

Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 00:41 – Nicknames
  • 07:02 – Shadowgate 64 (with spoilers!)
  • 13:39 – The Making of Karateka
  • 25:08 – We haven’t played Armored Core VI
  • 31:21 – Vampire Survivors
  • 34:14 – Final Fantasy XVI
  • 40:34 – News: PlayStation Portal, Charles Martinet, and more!
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Everyone’s off sipping Mai Tais from their fancy pool floats or whatever, but time waits for no one in the podcast world, so join our little skeleton crew along with new challenger Sami as we talk Vampire Survivors co-op, Honkai Star Rail, FF16, and more!


Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 00:50 – Nicknames
  • 10:33 – Vampire Survivors
  • 16:34 – Honkai Star Rail
  • 32:32 – Final Fantasy XVI
  • 38:02 – Persona 3
  • 55:12 – Listener Q&A and some News!
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Saddle up for a very special tight 60 with the rootinest, tootinest podcastin’ crew this side of the Alamo’s basement. Featuring Pikmin 4, Remnant II, a bit more Zelda—and [not much] more! (Recorded before 8-4 Day, sorry for not mentioning 8-4 Day. Happy 8-4 Day!)

Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 00:46 – Nicknames
  • 11:52 – Pikmin 4
  • 27:44 – Remnant II
  • 36:46 – News: PS5 Pro rumors, Switch 2 rumors, and more!
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LIVE and in-person from the new 8-4 Towers in sunny (and humid) [REDACTED], the crew talks Final Fantasy XVI, Viewfinder, BitSummit, and frankly a surprising amount about Exoprimal.

Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 02:22 – Nicknames
  • 19:30 – Exoprimal
  • 27:54 – Viewfinder
  • 34:49 – Tears of the Kingdom
  • 37:07 – Final Fantasy XVI
  • 46:32 – News: Microsoft/ActiBlizz, Famicom turns 40, and more!
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Mark's out, John's out, and we're locked out of the office! That won't stop this ragtag crew from gathering online to discuss the PC Engine's Fang of Alnam, debate the merits of the Pikmin 4 demo's tutorials, and best of all, catch up with our pal, Roy!

Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 00:51 – Nicknames
  • 09:54 – Fang of Alnam
  • 37:17 – Final Fantasy XVI
  • 51:13 – Pikmin 4 demo impressions
  • 01:11:34 – Grounded
  • 01:18:33 – News: MGS4 rumors, PSVR2 PC driver buzz, EVO registration numbers, and more!
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Folks - WE GOT ONE!! Nintendo must’ve gotten all your calls and letters, because they dropped a Direct BEFORE recording for once! Thrill to fresh-off-the-grill Hot Takes on all that shiz, plus Xbox and Summer Games talk, FF16 demo impressions, and more!

Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 00:48 – Nicknames
  • 02:50 – Tears of the Kingdom
  • 08:02 – Final Fantasy XVI
  • 28:12 – John at the RGG Summit
  • 37:37 – News: Summer Game Fest highlights, the Nintendo Direct, and more!
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Capcom localization director Andrew Alfonso joins Graeme and the gang to dig in to Street Fighter 6, topped off with a dollop of news (recorded pre-Summer Game Fest, mind you).

Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 01:04 – Nicknames
  • 19:32 – Street Fighter 6
  • 56:31 – News: MGS Delta, Apple Vision Pro, and more!
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17-Bit head honcho and two-time Kakariko Village gherkin tossing champion Jake Kazdal joins us once again for an epic (and largely spoiler-free) first discussion on all things The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Plus quick thoughts on PlayStation Showcase 2023!

Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 00:52 – Nicknames
  • 06:52 – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
  • 01:42:40 – Break
  • 01:43:10 – News: The Playstation Showcase Recap
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Thank you for calling 8-4 Play. We can’t take your call right now, but please leave a message at the tone and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’ve had our fill of Tears of the Kingdom. *BEEEEP*


Time – Topic Discussed:

  • 01:58 – Nicknames
  • 11:28 – Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters
  • 19:09 – Hollow Knight
  • 28:58 – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
  • 37:12 – Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes
  • 47:41 – Tunic
  • 1:03:41 – News: Redfall disappoints, PS5 sales and a liiiiiiitle bit more.
  • 1:06:55 – Mario Bros Movie Impressions (Yes, there are spoilers)
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Golden Week is here, and look what the Pegasus dragged in--that’s right, straight from the skies above Narita Airport, it’s fan favorite special guest Shane Bettenhausen! Join us for talk of the hottest trailers from two weeks ago (TOTK and FF16), the latest Arcade Archives releases, the new FF Pixel Remasters, the MS/Activision drama, and of course (booming voice) Humanityyyyyyyyy

Time – Topic Discussed:
01:17 – Nicknames
05:12 – Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster
09:20 – Tears of the Kingdom trailer reactions
16:25 – Humanity
21:20 – Arcade Archives (Phelios, Metal Hawk, and more)
36:49 – Final Fantasy XVI
1:04:13 – The Tetris movie
1:19:42 – News: Microsoft/Activision merger, Humanity, Apple wins against Epic’s appeal, and more!

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Gaming Jesus is missing, and it’s up to YOU to make it through this podcast without him! Strap in for random talk about Super Mario Galaxy, Hollow Knight, Gabe’s irrational fear of chocolate, more Resident Evil 4-make, and (of course) another obscure PC Engine game nobody has ever heard of. Plus news! But not Zelda Trailer or FF16 SOP news. Just…other news. ENJOY!

Time – Topic Discussed:
01:18 – Nicknames
26:31 – Resident Evil 4 Remake
32:23 – Hollow Knight
39:55 – Vasteel (it’s a PC Engine game)
48:09 – Super Mario Galaxy
01:04:04 – News: Sayonara E3, PS5 rumors, Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, and more!

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E3 may be gone (for now?), but the show must go on, as they say, so join us for thoughts on Resident Evil 4-make™, Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty, Meg's Monster, the new Tears of the Kingdom details, and more. (Recorded before the E3 news dropped, RIP.)

Time – Topic Discussed:
00:57 – Nicknames
09:07 – Resident Evil 4 Remake
37:55 – Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
43:04 – Meg’s Monster
48:01 – Tunic
57:30 – News: E3 speculation, PS5 slim rumors, Zelda gameplay, and more!

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The crew gather (IRL!) to talk Octopath II, the Resident Evil 4 demo (i.e. RE 4-make) and Village in PSVR2, Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line, and E3 or not E3 -- or is that even a question?

Time – Topic Discussed:
01:12 – Nicknames
09:53 – Octopath Traveler II Impressions
15:34 – Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line
24:12 – Resident Evil 4 Demo Impressions (DEMO SPOILERS 31:44 - 33:24)
44:46 – Resident Evil Village on PSVR2
51:18 – News: PS5 sales skyrocket in Japan, Microsoft-Activision merger, and more!

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Wherein the gang dish on the latest State of Play (ok, mostly Humanity to be honest), PSVR 2 launch, Mikami’s departure and the Elden Ring DLC announcement (STEAK BET ALERT).

Time – Topic Discussed:
01:04 – Nicknames
13:00 – PSVR2 Talk (Resident Evil Village)
30:44 – Humanity
44:52 – Like a Dragon: Ishin
52:55 – News: Pokemon Direct, Shinji Mikami leaves Tango Gameworks, and more!

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We catch up on the latest Nintendo Direct with talk about Metroid Prime Remastered, Game Boy and Game Boy Advance nostalgia, and (of course) hot takes on the latest Zelda trailer.

Time – Topic Discussed:
00:52 – Nicknames
09:05 – PC Engine Talk (Private eye dol)
25:36 – Metroid Prime Remastered
32:35 – Gargoyle’s Quest
38:08 – The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap
43:04 – Nintendo Direct Recap

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Game director at Tango Gameworks, self-admitted Zwan fan, and (actual) friend of the show John Johanas joins to talk all about the hottest game that no one had heard of until a week ago: Hi-Fi Rush!

Time – Topic Discussed:
00:54 – Nicknames
07:44 – Hi-Fi Rush with Director John Johanas

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With Gaming Jesus MIA, we broke out the rotary phone and called Turbo Zone Direct (1-800-DUO-THIS) to summon newcomer JP Wentz for an in-person show (!) to talk a lot of PC Engine, a little Pokemon S&V, a touch of Tunic, a sprinkling of news, and more! 

02:44 – Nicknames
12:29 – PC Engine Talk
41:03 – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
50:48 – Tunic
56:24 – January’s releases, AGDQ and more!


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Kick off the new year with a TIGHT 60 (tm) of wistful holiday memories of three ogres battled, two crises cored, one avatar movie, and a fel-o-ny in an air fryer.


01:59 – Nicknames
19:44 – Tactics Ogre: Reborn
31:16 – Sekiro
36:00 – Night in the Woods
37:24 – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
41:16 – News: PlayStation’s Project Leonardo, Pro Switch cancellation rumors, and more!

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