8-4 Play

In our holiday special, wayward son Graeme returns home to learn the true meaning of Christmas—i.e. Armored Core and Street Fighter, The Game Awards, Ash hanging up his Pokéballs, and plenty more. WARNING: SANTA SPOILERS: KEEP AWAY FROM 10 AND UNDER

01:07 – Nicknames
12:50 – Armored Core chat
33:18 – Street Fighter 6 Beta
45:30 – Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core Reunion
52:33 – News: The Game Awards, Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, and more!

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Travel back to a time before (a day before!) the Game Awards and revel in the nostalgia and naïveté of those bygone days when people cared about Mario movie trailer ​#2, Elden Ring art books, and Yuji Naka conspiracy theories.

Time – Topic Discussed:

01:07 – Nicknames
14:27 – The second Mario Movie trailer
20:35 – Elden Ring
39:52 – Vampire Survivors
44:42 – News: Street Fighter 6 leaks, Summer Games Fest returns, Yuzo Koshiro announces a Mega Drive game, and more!

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