8-4 Play

A verrrrrryyy scaaaaaaary and seasonally-appropriate spooktacular (tm) chat covering all the recent Resident Evil and Silent Hill news, Bloodborne and its unofficial demake, and -- yadda some last thing what did we talk about --. (Boo!)

Time – Topic Discussed:
01:23 – Nicknames
12:37 – Bloodborne & Bloodborne PSX
28:15 – God of War (2018)
35:35 – News: Silent Hill Transmission, Capcom’s Resident Evil showcase, and a little bit more!

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The gang checks in on the Street Fighter 6 Beta, Meta Quest Pro news, and Phil Spencer’s shelf, says goodbye to The Last Soldier, Babylon’s Fall, and Stadia, and offer in-depth analysis on a certain plumber’s plumper — and it’s not the one you think! ……oh wait, no, yeah, it is.

00:51 – Nicknames
09:58 – The Super Mario Trailer
30:00 – Street Fight 6
46:01 – News: Nintendo Pictures, Oculus Quest Pro,  PSVR2, and more!

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