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Golden Week is here, and look what the Pegasus dragged in--that’s right, straight from the skies above Narita Airport, it’s fan favorite special guest Shane Bettenhausen! Join us for talk of the hottest trailers from two weeks ago (TOTK and FF16), the latest Arcade Archives releases, the new FF Pixel Remasters, the MS/Activision drama, and of course (booming voice) Humanityyyyyyyyy

Time – Topic Discussed:
01:17 – Nicknames
05:12 – Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster
09:20 – Tears of the Kingdom trailer reactions
16:25 – Humanity
21:20 – Arcade Archives (Phelios, Metal Hawk, and more)
36:49 – Final Fantasy XVI
1:04:13 – The Tetris movie
1:19:42 – News: Microsoft/Activision merger, Humanity, Apple wins against Epic’s appeal, and more!

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Gaming Jesus is missing, and it’s up to YOU to make it through this podcast without him! Strap in for random talk about Super Mario Galaxy, Hollow Knight, Gabe’s irrational fear of chocolate, more Resident Evil 4-make, and (of course) another obscure PC Engine game nobody has ever heard of. Plus news! But not Zelda Trailer or FF16 SOP news. Just…other news. ENJOY!

Time – Topic Discussed:
01:18 – Nicknames
26:31 – Resident Evil 4 Remake
32:23 – Hollow Knight
39:55 – Vasteel (it’s a PC Engine game)
48:09 – Super Mario Galaxy
01:04:04 – News: Sayonara E3, PS5 rumors, Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, and more!

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