8-4 Play

When the host is away, the rest of the cast will...explore the pain threshold of chocobo racing in Final Fantasy X, examine the extras in the Elden Ring collector's edition, express some spoiler-free thoughts on Stray, and exhibit a variety of hot takes on all the news that's fit to hastily throw in a google doc five mins before the show. Excelsior!

Time – Topic Discussed:

01:32 – Nicknames
08:15 – Final Fantasy X
16:26 – Stray
33:57 – Alan Wake
42:12 – Tina’s Elden Ring Haul
50:19 – News: God of War Ragnarok’s Discless Steelbook, Platinum Games, and more!

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Roy did what? …Well we can’t put that in the description. Just say something like “We talk about Mario’s voice, SGDQ, Switch pro rumors yadda yadda” the usual BS.

00:51 – Nicknames
08:35 – Elden Ring (Massive Spoilers. Pretty Sure We’re Done After this!)
27:25 – SGDQ Highlights
51:01 – My Three Things, aka: News: Chris Pratt’s Mario Voice, Super Deluxe Games, and more!

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